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The majority of Indians cannot believe that it can be any other way. They dont see the garbage. They dont smell the stink. And they will not change.

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Indians cannot see the problem. Its a lost cause; by the time any action taken by helpful organization takes hold, the country will be waist deep in garbage, and people will not notice. We are currently in India at the moment and we are so glad to read your post as it is the blatant truth! We recently took a sleeper train and there were people spitting all over the floor and there was rubbish all along the tracks … the toilets also emptied straight onto the tracks so poo and wee on the railway lines.

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When we entered one city there were human skulls amongst the rubbish too. I would love to visit India but I never will because of the filth I have read about and seen on travel programmes. There is NO excuse for governments who allow this or people to accept living in such disgusting conditions.

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Get your house in order India. This planet deserves better than the lack of respect you show it. It is sickening and shameful. I am a Indian, its true that most Indian cities towns are dirty as never imagined. If you have never lived in Canada, you will not truly understand how filthy India is compared to Canada. At times, on one street, there will be ten different smells each one vying with the other in repulsiveness. But I do see some change happening like in Gujarat:. SURAT: Tagged as one of the top three cleanest cities of the country, Surat is witnessing a distinct shift in garbage collection.

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Today, the city sprawling over sq km with nearly More than half of this is collected from door-to-door on daily basis using nearly vehicles. SMC, one of the first civic bodies in the country, started this collection system in and by it had nearly vehicles lifting tonnes of garbage directly from homes. It spent nearly Rs 10 crore then against Rs 17 crore on yearly basis today. Surat had 1, containers placed on different city roads and public places for garbage collection and it used to empty all of them either on daily basis or on alternate day basis spending nearly Rs 20 crore on annual basis.

We are determined to keep our city cleanest of all and so would not mind paying a little more if required. I am Indian and I am appalled by the filth that humans can live in. But it seems that even the rich, educated people love the filth as well. I live in South Africa, and a well educated IT guy from India visited our malls and said that it was too clean for his liking.

He said that he preferred the filth. Its a funny show. However when this guy was sent to India to report on the Taj Mahal the whole series took on a very miserable tone. He was basically Sick from food poisoning from the first day he arrived and continued to be sick throughout and appeared to spend most of the trip in filthy toilets. This very laid back guy actually cried and begged to leave india and go home. I feel it just left me feeling very depressed and homesick. The indian people we met were lovely Although some were very shady.

It is a shame because there are beautiful parts to india but unfortunately the the densely populated parts are not at all clean or hygienic and it is sad that this is the memories i am left with.

Useless post.. India is such a beautiful country , more beautiful than you think.. Where is the impact of 20 years of economic boom on the streets of India. The reality is that India has successfully portrayed an image of shining India at the expense of ignoring basic human rights in the country. Filth, dirt, pollution and poverty are increasing, not decreasing.

Terrorism and extremism would not stay forever.

The area is going to be under reasonable control soon as it was before and then, I would suggest all of you to pay a visit to Islamabad. Filth is not even a word that we know of here. Clean atmosphere, beautiful tracks to walk, hiking and spring brings the best of the flowers you can imagine. Most people are surprised by paying a visit to Islamabad. Their assessment of Pakistan changes the moment they get out of the Islamabad airport. India may be filthy and smelly and disgusting but it aint as boring or cold or heartless as western countries have become.

Despite all the filth in India. When u have 1. Europe and America are finished, they grew their economies and expanded in such a way that there is no more room for growth or even survival…. Dumbest comment yet! I guess your indian dad is loaded and you can ignore all the beggars and poop on the roads because you are a terrible person. People in Europe and america live longer, happier lives because their lives are worth much more compared to India because life is so cheap. Oh come on…The same old excuse time and time again. The british ruled us for so many years and because of that we have become lazy ,corrupt filthy.

Utter nonsense. I am an Indian and very ashamed of how people here are so filthy. Oh, grow up and stop playing the victim! When the Brits left less than 70 years ago, there were million Indians. How much longer are people like you going to moan about colonization or about Muslim invasions? There is ritual purification, sure, but what about outside the temple and outside the home? Not that the homes are all that clean, anyhow. I see maids coming out of mansions swinging trash bags which they dump on the next corner. In this, Singapore should be a model.

And stop running down Europe and the US, another disgusting Indian habit. You know how I reached this blog..

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I kp thinking y is it so… Throwing garbage jst lyk tht.. I do agree wd all tht u hve said.. India s beautiful but v Indians r destroying her… Sorry. Yes India needs to be sanitized. Seems like everyone cares only for himself and not for the country.

Politicians suck and dont think outside the box … given up on India.. I suspect Goa is so clean because it is an international tourist spot. There are too many ruppees dependant on the place. To be filthy will put people off going. There was garbage in the streets and a dead cow on the beach. As an in Indian from Jaipur, i must say that your article truly captures what India has become. All the time, i cant help but wonder why is it that we cant clean things up. We justify everything in some twisted logic of spirituality, on not accept our mistakes.