Guide Common-Sense Fly Fishing: 7 Simple Lessons to Catch More Trout

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The shop is loaded with gear and if he doesn't have it, then you don't need it. Love seeing those guys when we visit. We will be back! Roy Diaz, Texas - Guided Trips I spent 2 days with Stu with the express purpose of having a peak fly fishing experience catching magnificent Brownies in beautiful New Zealand.

Common Sense Fly Fishing

What an interesting, caring, humorous, expert casting, stalking and guiding instructor this guy named Stu is. And now we are friends! If you're looking for that fly fishing experience of a lifetime, call Stu and spend some time in Athol. They can even help you with room and board arrangements! In mid March I took a 3 hour casting lesson followed by one days guided fishing. While I have fished for 20 years my skills were not adequate for sight fishing on the Mataura River.

The teaching and specified drills were excellent. His focus on me alone during the lesson was exceptional. The fishing location selected by Stu had regards to my ability and mobility. Again his attention to me was exceptional. Stu was totally focussed on all aspects i.

Over both days he provided exceptional value for money. John Duncumb, Auckland - Guided Trips I was referred to Stu by another trout fishing guide in Queenstown and I can understand why. I only had a half day available to try and hook a Brownie and after re-acquainting myself with a fly rod I had last fly fished 4 years earlier Stu took me out to a nearby stream and was extremely patient with my lack of expertise but entirely focused on my own personal goal of landing a brownie. It took a couple of hours and Stu changing my flies about 20 times! Great fun and excellent service.

I would highly recommend Stu if you're looking for a genuinely nice guy who really does know his sport and his patch. I thought I would flick you a little email saying thanks for a great day. It was good meeting you Stu. Keep up the good work at your end. Dealing with you was a breeze!

Shit happens! I had a blast.

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It was cool to see the fish, stalk the fish In a splashy clumsy half arsed way on my part And catch the fish. Where you guys live is a sort of paradise for trout fishing aye? Good on you two for making a job and a life out of it. Thanks again. Thank you very much for kind and patient attendance to me in 3 days last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the casting lesson; fly fishing and very nice lunches and playing with Lion. On Saturday I fished by myself. Fly was the one Stu selected for me on Wed: a black thick fly with bright blue tummy. He took it! Now I am planning the next trip. And thank you again for making my one of the best fishing days ever.

Have a good day. Thanks for a most enjoyable fishing trip. John Ryan, Australia - Guided Trips Just a quick note to thank you again for taking us fishing 10 days back.

I we really had a great time, and have enjoyed telling our family and friends all about it. I've definitely been giving your name out to all the fisherman I know who think they may end up in NZ some day! We had a great time in N. You're mad as a box of frogs I say that in a good way and we had such an enjoyable day with you.

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It was such a laugh, we caught some good fish, and it was one of the best days that I've ever had on a river! So again, thank you. Incidentally, we tried the same stretch on the Mataura below Garston about 10 days later on our own and caught nothing!!! Derek - Scotland UK Thanks for keeping fly fishing fun, enthusiasm high, and education readily available! Your one of the finest ambassadors to fly-fishing I've run across in my 25 years in the sport. Cheers, and Happy New Year! Your willow grub flies are working well on the browns down here in the lower Mataura when I can find any of them.

Now if I could just figure out how to get them to bite during that evening 'mad Mataura rise' I'd be in business! Lars - New Zealand The couple of days fishing Ted and I had with you were fantastic, many thanks for your hard work in putting us on to fish and sorry Ted let you down as often as he did. The day willow grubbing with you is some of the most memorable fishing we have had in NZ, and we learnt a lot from you each day.

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Can't wait to get back and have another crack. Until next time we are lucky enough to be in the area, stay safe and keep on living the dream. Your skills as a guide, superb flies, passion and knowledge, combined with the unique NZ rivers and lakes made our whole trip very special. We are planning a trip next year as soon as Brian get's back from rooting his way around the South Island. In the mean time I will be practicing my casting and dreaming about those 7 to 8 pounders in the Oreti. I can still remember everything of that day and will for years to come.

Unforgettable experience with an amazing guide and guy. Paul Eustace - USA I wanted to drop a quick note to tell you what a pleasure and honor it was to fish with you and to meet Stu during Vince's and my recent trip. Neither one of us have quit smiling or talking about it. You have created something very special in Athol and I'm excited to follow your continued success. I'm also excited to introduce the local Idaho trout to your Superior Flies, so be looking for an order as our snow starts to melt and the rivers open.

Please don't ever hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help to you or your travels bring you back to the American West. God bless the Blowfly and long live the willow grub! Sincere thanks. I had a great time and my casting has really improved! Nathan - New Zealand Thank you for two great days fishing Dec 11 and 12, you are best.

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We are now back in Sweden 19 degrees cold and a lot of snow. Trout, bass, carp, bluegill, you name it. Freshwater fish love those things! Tom Sadler found his way to a fly fishing career by way of Washington, D. When the strain of the D. My grandfathers, father, and stepfather were all fly fisherman so I learned from them. I started out trolling streamers on Moosehead Lake in Maine with a fly rod.

Brook trout are my favorite fish to catch on a fly. They are voracious, acrobatic and beautiful to look at when they come to hand.

Learn to use a tenkara rod. Seriously, it is the most simple and effective way to fish mountain streams or spring creeks. As a guide, the best memories come when clients catch fish they did not expect to catch. The smile on their faces and look of wonder in their eyes is memorable every time. George Daniel started fishing the mountain streams of Pennsylvania at age six. Tell us about the journey that brought you to where you are today.

I grew up in Germania, a small village in northern Pennsylvania along the New York and Pennsylvania border. We were a one car family and my father was usually working, and there was this small stream called Germania Branch that flowed past our house. I love the places trout fishing has taken me—everywhere from the mountain streams of Pennsylvania to the Alps of Italy and spring creeks in Portugal, to the western United State and all the way to New Zealand.

As much as everyone wants to compare the similarity of streams, the truth is no two streams are identical. Every stream contains its own unique set of problems to solve. Central Pennsylvania. Also, fish in that region do not give themselves up easily. I like a challenge, and my home waters offer me exactly what most anglers need on a regular basis—a big piece of humble pie.