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If you have a pc, windows have movie maker. Hope this helps. I had a lousy bio video so made a new one and sent it through Freshdesk and they said they updated it, but what I see on my app is still the old one. I signed up with Weibo, but only some of it is translated into English which makes it hard to maneuver. Any suggestions? You need to give yourself time. What you can do is go all out for any class you do get, trial or major and make that student fall in love with you so they will continue to book you or even sign up!

That alone help me get returnees my second month. Just give it some time, almost every new teacher is or was in your boat. As for the video just send another ticket to freshdesk letting them know that the old video is still on your profile and not the new one, provide a screenshot. Also make sure your educational experience is correctly not zero listed on your profile as well as any certifications you may have.

But so do show-up. Anywho, in the end, you just need to give it some time! Best of luck Demrie. Great article : Thanks a lot for this. I believe it is possible. Before they did pay the exchanges fees but it seems like they do that now according to you!

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Thanks for sharing that :. Thanks so much for the thorough information! Do you think VIPKID will consider those ages to be appropriate, in terms of my qualifications, relevant experience, etc.? Thanks for your help :. They want to see that you have experience working with children. And also those ages are appropriate as they would be the ages of some of the students in intermediate and advance levels.

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Oh…and a question I forgot to ask in my previous comment! Thanks again for your help! There is no better option, just preferences. I personally think the face-to face is better as you can get back feedback immediately and incorporate it in the second half of the interview. Hopes this helps :. Hi Jazzy, Your blog helped me tons getting through my interview with VIP kid and I just signed a contract with them today! Is it true?

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Can I not schedule anything for a few weeks and not get fired? There is no need to worry about taking time off as there are no required amount of classes to teach anymore. I took a month an a half without telling them and it was perfectly fine. Then you can continue to take the time off without telling VIPKID or submit a ticket and let them know that you will be away for a month and a half.

Also if you are taking your laptop with you I recommend teaching a class or two if you are worried about it. This job is perfect for teaching while traveling. Hopes this put you at ease! Do I really need a webcam if there is a camera built into my Macbook? Please advise. Also- I sent you an email with some additional questions. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource to others! No you do not need a webcam. Your camera built into the Macbook is perfect. I have applied and I will be scheduling my interview, just waiting on the proper webcam and headset.

20 Speeding ticket defenses - Traffic attorney explains how to beat a speeding ticket

I want to make sure I ace this. I am great with children and I have a positive and bubbly personality. My only issue is I want to test my presentation, and quality of it, do you think you could work with me? What is the peak for booking in Southeast Asia? Is it possible to have a full time schedule there? Do these time slots typically get booked? Thank you so much! Love your blog! Hey Laryssa, we were just in Vietnam for a month.

The working hours are great, you can open slots from 8ampm. I worked weekdays from 9pm and on weekends from 9am-9pm. On occasions I would open morning slots but only a few would get filled. However during the summertime and Chinese holidays those times will definitely fill. As for the internet it was great.

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We had fiber optic and had the best upload and download speed we ever had. But now that I read your article I realized that one needs to have some sort of teaching experience which unfortunately I do not have.

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  • Do I still go through the process of giving the quiz and making the demo video if at the end I am not going to get through because of the non teaching background. Your thoughts.. Just a bit about me, was in the IT sector but taking a break to be with my kid and was looking for work for home opportunities when I came across this one.

    Was your application accepted?

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    Also do you have any experience working with kids, after school programs, volunteering, anything of that sort might work. If you do and they accepted you to the next stage, I would do it and see what happen. Hi Jazzy, Love your blog. I have a question about equipment. I have a MacBook Pro, and earbuds, but not an external webcam. Do you need one for the interviews? Nope, your built in camera should do the trick. I use my built in camera to teach.

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    People sometimes buy an external webcam to improve the quality of their video. Thanks so much for sharing this, Jazzy! Your thorough details have been more than helpful! Hi Jazzy, Does the Safari browser work with Vipkid classroom? Also, do they allow you to practice in the classroom before you actually start recording?

    I have a Macbook Air as well and the touchpad works perfect. Yes, I believe you can practice in the classroom now with the new recruitment process. Double check with you contact person via email. Hi Jazzy, Thank you for writing this. I had to get a new pc, headphones and get it all working…in the meantime, I found you, which has helped me get over my cold feet.

    I just graduated with my MA in Sociology and I am teaching sporadically at my university, I even enjoy teaching freshmen. I have some classroom experience with elementary students as well summer school which was fun but unruly fifth graders. I have tutored at a home for delinquent boys, and I love being goofy and making learning fun for kids. It is so much easier in a one on one situation with youngsters.

    I passed the Praxis core and middle school ELA tests last year. I do not have a teachers license in my state, but while I was waiting for my pc to come in the mail I completed hours online TEFL certification. I hope they accept myTEFL. My question is this, with my qualifications and some teaching experience, do you think I will max out the pay scale?

    Assuming my demo is great and the technology works and they like me….