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But perhaps that will change as the story gains momentum.

To date, Sanossian has around 5, followers on Instagram, but that number will likely grow fast as media attention increases. She is keen to raise the profile of Middle Eastern artists in the West, as she believes that there is too much focus on Western art in general. She still has family in Syria, but her close family are all in Lebanon. Regardless of where she ends up, Sanossian will continue to make thought-provoking artwork. RocNation NFL pic.

  • Meet Stephany Sanossian, the artist bringing Hollywood to the Arab world!
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JLo nosvemosMiami happybirthdaytomeee pic. Updated 12 June Meet Stephany Sanossian, the artist bringing Hollywood to the Arab world.

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  2. Education is key to world peace, UAE tolerance minister says | Education – Gulf News.
  3. War has actually become less and less of a taboo;
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    Colour footage of D-Day filmed by a Hollywood director reveals life on the front line

    Hide comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Special 0. The making of memories: Syrian artist Sara Naim uses material from her homeland to create striking abstract imagery. According to renowned quantum physicist John Hagelin Ph. It is a scientific fact. So, there you have it folks, meditation actually works to bring about peace and solidarity. During this period of turmoil and fear 1, people meditated in Jerusalem with the intention of world peace.


    Together, we have the power to change the world. The DEN is a space where you can participate in synchronized group mediations and enable global transformation. Our meditation studio seats up to 60 -perfect for gatherings — and has a daily schedule of meditation classes, each with a different intention.

    How President Trump Could Bring About A Safer Greater World Peace

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    India has given world peace, not war: Modi. US consumer spending slows.

    Metta World Peace on Time Travel to 2040 in Hollywood

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