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Judge Andrew Napolitano , Fox News senior judicial analyst, addresses the purpose, and supposed limits, of executive orders as well as the most important decisions issued by the U. Supreme Court during the last two weeks of its recently concluded term. Stephen Moore , chief economist with the Institute for Economic Freedom and Opportunity at The Heritage Foundation, discusses 1st quarter GDP and the general state of the economy six years into the Obama administration. What actions should President Obama have been taking to promote economic growth? Will economic growth always be stagnant in the absence of an energy policy?

June 28, Whitehead , founder and president of The Rutherford Institute a nonprofit civil liberties organization based in Charlottesville, VA , addresses an increasingly important topic as to whether ignorance of the law on the part of law enforcement authorities is an excuse for them breaking the law. June 21, Have the purpose and goals of the environmental movement changed since its beginning? Greg Walcher. June 14, Zach Taylor, pt. Delegate Ben Cline addresses the recent primary victory of David Brat for the congressional seat currently held by Eric Cantor.

Ben Cline. June 7, Catherine Engelbrecht.

The Competitive Advantage of Nations

Professor Chris Coyne is the associate director of the F. Harper Professor of Economics at the Mercatus Center; and a professor of economics and director of graduate studies in the economics department at George Mason University. With taxpayers picking up the tab, crony capitalism is alive and well in Virginia funding businessmen who know more about lobbying legislators than they do about satisfying consumers, and generating those all-important campaign contributions for corrupt politicians who are willing to sell their vote.

Christopher Coyne, Ph. May 31, William Perry Pendley, Esq. Will this lead to another Sagebrush Rebellion? May 24, Kevin D.


Jessica M. Vaughan, pt.

May 17, May 10, Paul E. Peterson, Ph. Richard A. Viguerie, pt. May 3, Reagan George , president of the Virginia Voters Alliance, exposes voter fraud in the Commonwealth, specifically the fact that 44, people are registered to vote in both Virginia and Maryland. The people we employ to ensure this crime does not happen — both Democrats and Republicans — do nothing.

Reagan George. Iain Stuart Murray, pt. April 26, Judge Andrew Napolitano , Fox News senior judicial analyst, addresses the need for, and constitutionality of, the federal government grabbing more and more land from the states; the abandonment of the rule of law in the U. April 19, Greg Garrett , owner of Forbidden Oysters, discusses the enormous obstacles he has had to overcome to bring economic development, prosperity, jobs, and a cleaner Chesapeake Bay to York County, VA.

Ignoring rulings by the U. After all, the EPA can always call upon their toadies in the mainstream media to proclaim that those Rascally Republicans are shutting down the government, again.

General Analysis on the World Economic Crisis

Queue the GOP falling to the floor and assuming the fetal position. Myron Ebell, pt. April 12, Vice Chair R. Holder Trumbo, Jr. Shiver me timbers matey, Dinwiddie and Muffy are miffed! Frank H. Buckley, pt. April 5, Tom White , the founder of the conservative political blog Virginia Right! Tom White. Ed Hudgins, Ph. March 29, Chris also addresses the following questions:. Is Putin also funding a similar effort in the United States? Chris Horner. Cyber-economic attacks on the United States are already happening. What could ultimately be the result?

Collapse of the dollar? No one knows what type of attack will eventually be successful enough to disrupt the economy and the financial well-being of the United States, and for that reason there is no single plan that can insulate one from every contingency. However, you can develop a plan now to protect yourself and your family from the consequences of whatever type of cyber-economic attack that takes place.

Freeman, pt.

The Diamond of National Advantage

March 22, Refreshingly direct and plainspoken, Del. Ben Cline grades the General Assembly session and addresses the prospects for Governor McAuliffe and the legislature to come to an agreement on a budget and whether to expand Medicaid. Whitehead , the founder and president of The Rutherford Institute, exposes how both conservatives and progressives are shredding the Fourth Amendment to the U. March 15, Fred Siegel. Bradley A. Smith, J. March 8, Governor McAuliffe has said he will not sign a budget that does not include Medicaid expansion. The Republicans in the House of Delegates have said they will not submit a budget that includes Medicaid expansion.

Where will it likely go from here?

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Craig DiSesa. David Brat, Ph. March 1, Robert Dean. February 22, Timothy Sandefur. Tom Gresham, pt. February 15, Jeremy Hopkins, Esq.

This is used to intimidate and punish the property owner as under Virginia law the amount of the first appraisal cannot be entered into evidence should the matter be taken to court by the property owner. Michael Tanner , senior fellow with the Cato Institute, exposes the bipartisan pork in the bipartisan Farm Bill recently passed by Congress.

How much does it cost to keep these corporate welfare queens on the dole? February 8, Carol Stopps , chair of the Cooperative Legislative Action committee of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation, offers an update on where we stand in regards to the legislation the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation is supporting, or opposing, in the current session of the General Assembly. Specifically, Carol addresses the Democrats changing the Senate Rules, and the effort to expand Medicaid. Carol Stopps. B , that would provide consequences and penalties for out-of-control municipalities and zoning boards.

February 1, Is the widespread civil disobedience now taking place in a number of European countries in our future as the answer to overreaching government? John Taylor. In one interview Walter E. Williams, Ph. Walter E. January 25, Stephen Moore , formerly a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal and founder of the Club for Growth, is returning to The Heritage Foundation as chief economist.

In a wide-ranging interview Stephen discusses his new position, the success of capitalism in lifting people out of poverty, the failure of minimum wage laws, separation of powers vs. January 18, Julie Gunlock. Can either the Democrats or the Republicans take the American people where they want to go, or are they, in fact, driving people to a libertarian vision of society? Carla Howell, pt. January 11, Back by popular demand, Jim Bovard , author of Attention Deficit Democracy , engages in a wide-ranging discussion of the IRS as a tool of both Democrats and Republicans to repress political opponents, unemployment benefits, welfare fraud, food stamps, and other gifts from the progressive movement.

Jim Bovard, pt. Judge Andrew Napolitano , senior judicial analyst for Fox News and author of Theodore and Woodrow , addresses the NSA spying on members of Congress; perjury on the part of high-level, executive branch government officials in sworn testimony before Congress five years in jail per lie ; criminally misleading testimony by high-level, executive branch government officials before Congress five years in jail per criminally misleading statement ; the abrogation of the separation of powers doctrine; and the foreseeable and inevitable constitutional crises.

January 4, Wayne Crews , vice president for public policy and director of technology studies at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, addresses the regulatory explosion that has taken place during the Obama administration. Wayne Crews, pt. December 28, Stephen Parente, Ph. As a professor of finance at the University of Minnesota, he specializes in health economics, information technology, and health insurance. Parente exposes how Medicaid expansion could cost billions each and every year.

December 21, Stephen Meyer, Ph. Ashe Schow, pt. December 14, December 7, Colonel Dan Hampton Ret. Air Force. Colonel Hampton discusses the number of Generals who have been forced into retirement by the Obama administration. Colonel Dan Hampton, pt. Elizabeth Price Foley, J. November 30, November 23, Grace-Marie Turner is the founder and president of the Galen Institute, a public policy research organization that she founded in to promote free-market options for health care reform.