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Those years in America, the s, are often considered as the Roaring Twenties: a decade of great social change, a decade of jazz, an age of success and American Dream, an age of everything. The novel is indeed a story about the American Dream and its decay. The American Dream is often described as the aspiration of young Americans to live better than their parents: without war, poverty and misfortune but with love, wealth and happiness. In fact after World War I many Americans wished to return to the peaceful time they had before the war.

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  7. During the s, Americans focused on building economic prosperity and most people focused on the present with little concern for the future: life became easier and more enjoyable. Unfortunately, this age of prosperity, complete independence, self-reliance and opportunity quickly became an age of downfall: in order to pursue this utopia, people were asked to work harder. In consequence they could not prosper themselves but only endured. In this sense, the ceaseless pressure on people to progress for a dream to become true never allowed prosperity.

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    For Fitzgerald, the true American Dream is characterized by a spirit of perseverance and hope. That is through these ideals that one can succeed in life.

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