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The Steelhead also works directly with common programs to eliminate unnecessary traffic between an application and users.

Accelerate Application Delivery Across the Hybrid WAN

Most applications were never designed for the cloud, so they do a lot of unnecessary talking. The Steelhead engineers work with programs to streamline their use when running traffic through the appliance. Joe Ghory, product marking manager at Riverbed, said that when optimized with a Steelhead, users of Microsoft SharePoint will find that pages load 18 times faster than when trying to run it natively in a cloud. This optimization works with often-used business programs, including file sharing, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Web, database and disaster recovery applications.

Riverbed Technology: the leader in application performa | Orange Business Services

Any agency thinking about moving to a cloud environment or is already there and experiencing too much latency should consider implementing Steelhead appliances to get things under control. Only a fully optimized cloud can offer the advantages of this new type of computing architecture.

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  • For great performance, we were again impressed with Silver Peak , a top scorer in our test. However, Silver Peak is having a hard time shaking their data center-to-data center heritage, and the VX-series and NX-series need updates to handle the requirements of networks with many branch offices. Both cover the basics and work as advertised -- although CloudBridge probably needs some shakeout before being deployed.

    SteelHead Series:

    However, Blue Coat has failed to learn from its own technology experts how to integrate traffic management with compression. And CloudBridge only includes the barest of features required to compete in this area. Neither company is a standard-bearer for how to push a broad spectrum of network optimization features into branch offices. Each technique works in different ways, and, depending on your application mix, may be more or less beneficial.

    For example, if you move large text or database files around, in-line compression saves a lot of bandwidth.

    WAN Optimizing Azure Site Recovery replication traffic to Azure using Riverbed

    If you move a large data file that only changes a little bit each day, de-duplication helps. We decided to focus on the one feature that really counts for WAN network managers: the end-user experience. We focused on five types of traffic that we thought would be representative of many enterprise WANs: encrypted and unencrypted web traffic, email, remote terminal specifically Citrix Xen Desktop , and Voice over IP.

    We ran each test across five types of WANs, using an InterWorking Labs Maxwell link emulator to vary latency and loss to simulate traffic ranging from across a data center to through a satellite link. We felt that high latency links were an important part of our testing. Pure WAN compression and de-duplication rarely pays for itself in areas where bandwidth is inexpensive and abundant — meaning much of the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Riverbed steelhead basic configuration with demo.

    But when WANs are intercontinental, prices skyrocket and compression hardware can often be justified on a pure cost basis, ignoring other factors. Because of the huge variation in CIFS optimization, we knew that our results would be very skewed based on small variations in how we tested, and we felt that publishing results on CIFS might be misleading.