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Decisions on clubs, decisions on where to tee up the ball, decisions on ideas on how to play our lie, decisions on where to position the ball between the feet, and decisions on where to play to. Once you get behind the scenes of what you think and plan on the course, the goal then is to make a conscious effort to improve it. Where to tee up the ball is an important decision. And when we keep it simple and just allow ourselves an easy target the entire green , our brain is usually grateful and rewards us with mechanical details necessary to play the ball close.

When on a par 5 with a risky second shot into the green, think twice. Take the 1m diameter approach described above and let your feeling part do the calculating of touch for you. Your brain knows you want to get it into the whole. With this exercise you not only practice confidence and putting under pressure, you practice being deadly. Make sure you grab a copy! As touch plays a greater role, we go from raw movements to fine movements. Our swing becomes more and more miniature and restricted. We still turn our body when we pitch.

The leading movement comes from the shoulders and arms, not the core. What matters most when we chip, is where we place our feet and weight to the ball.

Some golfers prefer their weight on the back foot and the ball in line with it. Others, like me, like to chip the ball just off the front toe of the front foot, with the weight to this end as well. Go to the practice area and test it with 10 balls from each side. This takes 10 minutes and they are well invested.

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But let it work three out of 6 times on your round and you have saved three shots. I was so in flow and free of any doubt, that ideas and decisions came naturally. All shots, even seemingly difficult ones, unfolded with ease. This can only happen when you allow yourselves to let go of the haven of thought and conscious effort.

Getting into the zone and playing our best cannot be left to chance. It is something we can practice and work toward. Anyone can go through hell on the course. No professional player and no amateur is spared of a tough round every once in a while. And when it happens, there seems to be nothing we can do to fix it. We can, however, learn to keep our temperament at bay and prevent greater damage. By building from the bottom up, you are giving yourself manageable goals and a clear pattern of focus. The second approach to rebooting your game on a bad day, we want to keep a cool head and a relaxed body.

Take time out for a minute. In that minute take deep breaths. Breath in deeply and breathe out normally. There are many opportunities for a quick stretch in a round of golf. A stretch here and there increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. Prioritize leg, arm and neck muscles. This is where a lot of stress and tension are stored. Stretch it out, smooth it out. There is an ocean of research out there on how to get into a peak state of mind on and off sports grounds.

Meditation has proven to be a major factor in performance, however, because it allows you to stay patient and calm when events seem to get out of control. Just like the best fairway-splitting drive is no guarantee of a good score, so are poor shots no reason to lose your cool. Excitement in both ways can be distracting. Meditation helps to get that thought from your mind into your feelings.

My friend MJ plays scratch golf. Even if you are the best player in your flight, playing with people whose company you enjoy effects your focus and joy. It is important to know, that keeping the emotions of the entire flight at bay, will increase support of each other and positivity in play.

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Playful competition can give your game that ambitious edge it might need to save a hand full of shots and to make decisive putts. And the main thing in golf is your next shot.

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Playing your next shot as good as you can, requires calling upon all physical and mental capacities available. Do you also have a senior player in your club, who plays maybe a 10 handicap, and plays it consistently? The better we get these building blocks working together, the more consistent our long shots become and the more naturally know what to do in the short game too.

This is where we become conscious of how we position and move our body.

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The clearer this becomes, the more natural our aiming gets. In flow, we are at the top of the Performance Pyramid. It might seem that they exclude each other because the one is controlling the other is trusting. As golfers, we are constantly solving problems. That is what practicing the decision-making process is all about.

When it comes to mastering the inner game of golf, you want to make body and mind work together. As you can see, there is no magic in breaking There is not so much to learn as there are merely a few simple things to do.

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In this practical guide, you will get dozens of exercises and routines for effective five-minute practice sessions. My new book is all about saving time and practicing what really matters in golf and has been implemented successfully with students of all levels. Breaking 80 with the Principle. Practice what matters and play like a natural.

Playing scratch golf can seem like an uphill challenge. Golf is not hard. It just takes TIME to learn it. Even most talented golfers play under their potential, simply because of a lack of time. On top of that, once we embark on the journey of breaking 80, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the mountain of technical knowledge, strategic considerations and psychological challenges. And you will see: playing scratch golf is not as hard or as time-consuming as traditional teaching methods make you think.

Will of Golf: Mastering the Mind-Body Connection

The Tee-Off. Approaching the green.

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Chipping well. In this guide you'll learn:. What it takes to break How to master the fundamentals and become a scratch golfer. Take Me To Chapter 1. How to swing like a natural. Learn how to let loose on the course and stay on your game. Take Me To Chapter 2. Make confident decisions. How to become unwaivering in your game and leave your mark.